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Nisey, June 1st, 2008, 5:03 am

...I dunno about this kid. (Oh, and the "slap my leg" thing is actually something my hubby used to do in high school. XD) And I realize I wrote it a little small, but what Adam is saying in panel 2 is "That was so funny I hadda slap my leg!"

So I tweaked my method a little bit for this page, and I have to say I'm very pleased with the results. I think the drawings turned out better because of it, and it saves me paper anyway.

Advertisement, June 21st, 2018, 1:52 am


Striped Orange Socks, June 1st, 2008, 9:49 am

That's a knee-slapper XD

I-I can't help that I fall for the funny ones. It's not my fault I think Adam's awesome. ;3;

amiko_16, June 1st, 2008, 10:37 am


hehe I notice she didn't get interested until he mentioned who else would be going XD

Guest, June 1st, 2008, 10:50 am

Adam! ;_; I'm available when Vanessa dumps yaaa!*shot*
Ok, done...Anyways, wonderful page as usual, and yeah, I noticed how she got excited when Adam said Camille and Marcus were going

Z0mB3h, June 1st, 2008, 2:07 pm

XD She so wants Camille

fgirlmaggie, June 1st, 2008, 4:52 pm

is he absolutely sure he's straight? xD;;; *shot*

i mean...are they just dating each other for the assurance that they're straight? *chainsaw'd*

sorry, i'll stop now :P

Nisey, June 1st, 2008, 7:08 pm

@amiko_16: I don't think I'd wanna go with just Adam either.

@fgirlmaggie: LOL. I dunno if any of these kids are absolutely sure they're straight. That made my day. XD

xhahakristinax, June 1st, 2008, 7:46 pm

Thats a knee-slapper. ;) lololololol

magik girl, June 2nd, 2008, 12:26 am

lol! he jokes too much xD
can be annoying at times, but entertaining also!

angichan, June 3rd, 2008, 10:12 am

yes, he needed the piyo background for that one...i'd strangle that boy so fast....

angichan, June 3rd, 2008, 10:13 am

OMG i love the B/g in the 1st panel btw, it worked so perfectly i didn't even notice! (and that's exactly what you want ^^)

tectonicPlague, July 1st, 2008, 7:29 pm

zomg lmao
Adoms funny!

Jude K.A. Boi, July 9th, 2008, 3:35 pm

Jesus, she needs to dump that guy and get with emo girl... he's so infantile...

justanothercouchpotato (Guest), February 26th, 2009, 7:24 am

That 'O really' came out SO wrong on at least 2 levels!

Fortunately, Adam isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer... :)

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